Helping business and organizations mold a culture that will attract the right people, retain the right people and drive measurable business results.


Jillian Nuckols

“Having a ‘Values’ system as our foundation within the company allowed us all to make decisions that were best for the business, simply by filtering each decision through the values. “Am I being open and honest with my customer?”, “Am I doing what I said I would do?”, “Am I showing respect for my teammates?”… You couldn’t go wrong. Just like a house cannot stand on sand, a company cannot stand without a strong foundation. The TREXLO Values system helped me to become a better salesperson, a better employee and a better co-worker.”

Jillian Nuckols: Director of Key Accounts Fast Signs Richmond

Ken Burks

Embracing truth, excellence, and love as core values can have a profound impact on both your business and your customers. Upholding truth builds trust and credibility, fostering long-term relationships based on honesty and integrity. Striving for excellence ensures that customers receive exceptional products and services, exceeding their expectations and inspiring loyalty. Prioritizing love creates a community focused environment, fostering strong emotional connections and a sense of genuine care. By incorporating these values, FASTSIGNS Richmond has been able to successfully foster a positive and lasting impact not only on it’s operation but also in the lives of its team members, clientele, and ultimately the community as a whole.

Ken Burks – Sales Manager FASTSIGNS Richmond

Brian Walker

The shape of the TREXLO logo forms a pyramid, and a pyramid is built on a strong foundation that builds upward. Much like those pyramids, the values of TREXLO are in turn a strong and vitally important foundation for the company itself, enabling us to build upward upon a base of strength that we can commit to and and rely on.

Brian Walker: Production Lead Printer FASTSIGNS-Richmond

Nate Bolles

When asked if he has worked for other companies that have VALUES. “yes, but not any place that has gone over them on a regular basis to make sure that they are fresh in the employee’s minds, so that you don’t have to stop and think if something matches the Values, you know from the get go if it does.

Nate Bolles: Installation specialist FASTSIGNS-Richmond

“Over the past 19 years, I have owned and scaled two different businesses in two different industries, and successfully sold each business within 7 years of acquisition for over $1 Million, with returns on investment of 7-8 times in both cases. Also, during this 19-year time frame, I was a Brand President of a much larger company that has grown from $1 Billion in Sales to over $3 Billion in Sales. The one commonality of all three of these companies is that they were Values driven companies.” Rob White-founder

TREXLO is a Values Based, Business Advisory platform

What can TREXLO do for my business?

Three Tracks:

• Work with your company leadership to engage your current VALUES (in effect; Mission/Vision/Purpose) into the culture of your business to the point where you will see measurable financial results stemming from better new hires, more engagement from current employees, more team work across departments, more focus to fulfill the Mission and VIsion of your company.

• Help your company define or redefine your Mission, Vision, Purpose and VALUES

• Licensing Agreement to allow you to use the TREXLO VALUES of Truth, Excellence, Love, Client Focus and customize these VALUES with specific actions/bullets that describe how these VALUES are applied in your particular everyday business. TREXLO will work you through this process and be available for on-going coaching.

How do I know if any of these tracks will work for my business?

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