The shape of the TREXLO logo forms a pyramid, and a pyramid is built on a strong foundation that builds upward. Much like those pyramids, the values of TREXLO are in turn a strong and vitally important foundation for the company itself, enabling us to build upward upon a base of strength that we can commit to and and rely on.

Brian Walker: Production Lead Printer FASTSIGNS-Richmond

When asked if he has worked for other companies that have VALUES. “yes, but not any place that has gone over them on a regular basis to make sure that they are fresh in the employee’s minds, so that you don’t have to stop and think if something matches the Values, you know from the get go if it does.

Nate Bolles: Installation specialist FASTSIGNS-Richmond

TrExLo: a guiding philosophy.

Truth: Integrity

We walk in Truth with Integrity by:

• Doing what we say we are going to do, when we say we are going to do it.

• Making our best effort to keep all agreed upon commitments.

• Always operating with moral uprightness.

• Communicating honestly and openly without exception and without gossip.


We will strive for Excellence with every product, every service and every interaction by:

• Making our best effort to go through the details, and evaluating ourselves by asking, “Would you put your name on it?”.

• Re-establishing our position everyday by seeking constant self-improvement.

• Giving our full effort and attention to every personal interaction.

• Humbly taking responsibility for our mistakes.

Love | Passion | Respect

We live out Love/Passion/Respect by:

• Maintaining a positive attitude in all situations.

• Having a true passion for our work.

• Showing respect for everyone by treating others as you would like for them to treat you.

• Displaying a love of life and an appreciation for God’s blessings by giving back to those in need.

Client Focus

We will maintain our focus on our Clients by:

• Keeping the Client’s best interest in mind in every situation.

• Striving to exceed the Client’s expectations.

• Maintaining a “sense of urgency” with all internal and external client requests and projects.

• Giving our best effort to turn every client into a Promoter of our brand.

The Trexlo principles and values in Richmond, VA.