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A Focus On The Client Even When We Make Mistakes

Jae does a fantastic job as an Inside Sales Representative/Visual Communication specialist for the FASTSIGNS of Southern Richmond. Jae is not only very articulate, with a keen eye for detail and design, but he is one of the most organized people that I ever had the privilege of working with. Even with highly tuned skills an awesome attitude and the best intentions, in business mistakes will happen. It is often how we react to the mistakes that leaves the impression with the customer and not the original mistake.

Jae recently consulted with a client on a sign that had a tight deadline. The sign was for a trade show/event, and timeliness was of the utmost importance. When the due date arrived as Jae explains it “The signs came our excellent and immediately the client complimented the construction and overall look of the two signs”.  However, the requested Velcro was not on the signs! Jae said that the client left his store with the two signs, and no Velcro, “highly disgruntled and rightfully annoyed”.

Jae wasn’t about to leave this issue “as is”. As Jae’s manager, Jason, described it, Jae responded to the problem in alignment with the TREXLO Values. His first reaction was too, “Maintain(ing) a Sense of Urgency (CLIENT FOCUS) or as Jason put it, Jae responded, “like his hair was on fire”. Jae continued to follow the values by Keeping the client’s best interest in mind (CLIENT FOCUS), and Humbling taking responsibility for our mistakes (EXCELLENCE). He got into his car immediately, and drove to pick up the missing Velcro and called the customer to let him know that he (Jae) was on the way to the Trade Show/Event site to help properly install the Velcro to the two signs so that they could be displayed in a manner to serve their intended purpose! As Jae recounts the story, “I even did my first on-site installation job. (The Client) told me he was so impressed and content with how we made the situation right that he would take to social media and let the rest of the world know who made his signs. He will be returning (to FASTSIGNS)!

Great job Jae!