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LOVE/PASSION/RESPECT: Showing Respect For Everyone By Treating Others As You Would Like For Them To Treat You

Norman is not only a fantastic FASTSIGNS Visual Communication Specialist but he is also a great Dad and a great guy!

Norman was returning an event with one of his two amazing kids on a recent Saturday when he saw a familiar looking object on the side of the road. He stopped his car by pulling off of the road and walked to the object to get a better look. After further inspection, Norman was immediately relieved that the wallet, left abandoned on the side of the road was not his, but that relief quickly changed to concern for whomever the wallet belonged.

Norman took the wallet home with him and after opening the wallet, he found some identification along with a couple of credit cards. That’s when the work began. Norman began tracking down the owner of the wallet and discovered that it belonged to a gentleman who had recently moved to the US from Australia. The wallet owner was anxious to get it back and gave Norman his US address. Norman then took the time to package up the wallet, and ship it back to the owner with a note and his business card.

If you have ever lost a wallet you know how much work it is to cancel all of your cards and then to have to obtain new identification is a chore. Just think what it must be for someone who recently immigrated to the US from another country! Norman, went out of his way to treat this new US resident with Respect, and following the FASTSIGNS-TREXLO Values by “Treating others as you would like for them to treat you”.

Thank you Norman for being a great guy and living out the FASTSIGNS-TREXLO Values!